Muskegon River Youth  

Behavior Management Approach

Strength-Based Intervention

It is the goal of Muskegon River Youth Home to be proactive instead of reactive in regards to Behavior Management.

  1. Philosophical Understanding
    The basis is positive rather than negative. We believe that troubled youth have a great capacity for positive and productive behavior given proper guidance and direction.
  1. Crisis Intervention
    Behavior Management during crisis times may utilize the Strength Based Intervention as a prevention measure or to interrupt the Escalation Cycle.
  1. Student Strengths
    In order for Strength Based Intervention to be effective all staff must be able to access and focus on students strengths instead of focusing on weaknesses.

  2. Examples of Strength Based Intervention
    Interest Area- Example: Music, Fishing or Sports
    Differential Reinforcement- Positive rather than negative
    Positive Correction
    Re-direct to Strength
    Reminders of Consequences
    Use Group Support



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